Happy Republic Day !!!

26 01 2010

Happy republic day to one and all.

Its 26th jan today india … blah blah !! shut

Moving on Today i gonna review a book .

So as you all know that i am just a teenager and a X grade student don’t expect a serious review .

First of all the author of this book is an Indian. After Chetan bhagat another shining star .

After reading this blasted novel . I find it worth the money i spent on it .

The book is like a true  reflection of life in these campuses same as what I have heard of these colleges. Much needs to be done if the authors really wanted to exploit and bring alive the class divides the cultural barriers and the basics gap in understanding of desires between sexes.After reading above lines don’t think this book is a geeky stuff . It’s full of fun i must say .

I must recommend this to all teenagers . The book is awesome for me . This book helped me a lot to understand the relationships in this generation . Moreover , this book is like a inspiration for me to be a blog writer .


By Durjoy Datta and Manvi Ahuja .

Srishti Publications.

231 pages

Rs 100 on stands (just like a pocket money for a III grade kid)

feeling very good after typing such a good review Fully satisfied with my post today .   😀




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