31 01 2010

Yesterday i was not able to post anything . But yesterday was full surprises .

As i have said i am in relationship so this post belongs to some of that kinda stuff.


My gf came to me , she talked with me !!

this was the first time  first time we were talking in public .  After couple of minutes  she went back to home (rules for Indian girls no outing after 8 ).

After 15 Minutes

After 15 minutes she called up and said she is breaking up with me .The word break up was enough for me to lose my consciousness . I was kinda numb at that time . I was about to cry but as i was on the middle of the road i resist my emotions .At that time my mind stopped working . I switched off my cell and rush towards my home so that i can distract my mind to some other thing .

At 10 she called up to say sorry . As i was in my home i cant talk to her . After making 100 of excuses to my mum so that she let me go she finally agreed . I rush down the house to talk to her . She was not in a good mood so we talked a bit then she hung up .

At 12 She messaged that she wants to talk to me . Finally , at 1:15 she called

I asked her each and everything but she denied to answer . Then i realize that she was feeling sorry now .
So i changed the topic , we discussed lot of stuff

We started behaving normal again . we talked a lot .

After wishing Good 9t and swt drms a hundred times we both hung up .

I saw my watch to confirm time and i was shocked its 5 !! ( People in south India are waking up) in the morning .

OMG OMG !!! Tuition at 7:30 ..

All’s well End’s well

Sounding crazy today, i know these are like after effects of my last day experience ..
ha ha ha 😀




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