My first Kiss!!!

5 02 2010


I am feeling very shy to post this stuff on my blog but no problem its my blog yaar !! and i am not revealing anybody’s identity .

So before starting  my write up let me tell you yesterday was one of the best day of my life .

Thursday, February 4, 2010

As usual after attending my maths tuition, i was playing poker on facebook (for me after studying maths and physics  facebook is the best way to refresh my mind) My phone rang . I was surprise to see a new number flashing on my mobile screen . I picked  up .

Can’t even expect that who is  on the other side my girlfriend’s friends . I don’t know what trash they were saying . They hung up .

After 5 min my gf called up from the same number . She wanted me to introduce myself to her friends  after 5 minutes of nonsense  with her 4 of her friends . She took the phone and and she said that she wants to meet me !!! I  went  astonished . She was inviting me for our first official date . I was shivering 😀 don’t know why ??

At 6:30 pm

I was waiting for her on the spot where she told me to meet. It was already 6:30 .My phone rang it was S(my very close friend) while talking with S she came in to my sight . OMG !!! she was looking as beautiful as snow white with her pink dress on . I hung up the phone no more time for friends now . 😀

Walk & Talk

We thought that this place is not good for us so we went to a secure and dark place i.e. area around parking lot .

So there we are two teenager’s under age for doing these things but who cares 😀 . Face to face talk for 5  min is better over texting and  chat for the whole day.

I love you

On our walk and talk suddenly she said i love you . oh man !! i was blushing 🙂  my hormones started jumping now . i replied i love you 2 after that i don’t know what happened inside my body  . I slowly put my hand over her shoulder ( reflex action :D) and i was shocked she has no problem with that .

While doing heart to heart chat ( once again another shock ) suddenly  she kissed me on my cheek  oo lala my gf kissed me (first time ) . Then i did the same .  I am feeling shy now 🙂  can’t write any more .

Rest is not worthy to write basically nothing happened after that so we both went back home .

I can still feel her breathe on my cheek, the sensation  and the feeling is still  awesome.

I love her ❤

I spent rest of my night thinking about her .

Still can’t believe that yesterday i had my first kiss .

ok then got 2 go







One response

14 03 2010

Awwww…I think that`s cute. There is no reason for you to feel shy. It`s perfectly normal for you to feel uneasy and unsure, but personaly, I think it`s sweet.

You`ll always remember your first kiss 🙂



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