What girls want ?

9 02 2010

This is an excellent and endless topic to post on .

If you are a boy , teenage , average or good looking or even you think you are ugly , intelligent or semi – intelligent and if you are mature enough to put your mind in girls . Then the first question which will arise in your mind is ..

What girls want ?

So after my such a long and deep  experience now i know 2.5%  answer of this huge question  . 😀

Girls and there types .

Open hearted girls : These girls are girls of this generation . They are open minded ,very friendly and trust me they are very very open minded . Guys enjoy company of these  girls mostly . Relationship and love is just like a pen for these girls (use and throw) . They feel bore very easily and don’t think before there act .

Conservative kinda girls: These girls are like furnitures of schools and colleges . Silence and shyness are there attributes. They don’t even think of boys before age of 18-20. They are very calm and gentle exactly opposite to girls mention above . These girls are very  hard to  understand like a mystery .

Intermediate girls semi open semi conservative : Girls in this category are very moody , short tempered , semi friendly , intelligent and so on .

Sorry i am nobody to tell the diversity in thinking of girls but i am just trying to help guys how to get girls and how to get there needs .

Every girl is unique. Some grow up in pink dresses. Some grow up in ratty jeans. Some love horses, some love nail polish. Remember not to generalize about what your girl will want. The true key to love is to get to know your girl, find out what she loves about life, and then meet her needs. That is the basis of love – to be the puzzle piece that fits into her unique personality.

These tips can help you get started – but they are not the answer to every single love issue. Your girl has spent many years forming her personality. It would be an insult to say you could decipher it all in a few minutes! Take the time to be with her and learn about her. That is what true love is all about.

Now if you are in a relationship and want some tips here they are :-

1) Be honest and confident , every girl wants a confident guy not a looser .

2) Don’t hide anything from her , if you have something that can create problem in future tell her now . Be positive .

3)Let her be friends with guys…especailly ones that are seriously in love with other girls. Okay yes, if you’re together some place and the girl get’s a text you should be able to read it (unless she says it has to do with a surprise for you) but like let them casually talk to guys. They’re not going to flirt and even if the guy does like her, if she’s worth you trying to understand what she wants, she would never consider cheating on you. So just chill. Ask if the three of you can hang out sometime or something. Only if the friendship between them get’s really secretive and private and exculsive should you worry. If your love is true you’ll be always with her.

4)Heart to heart conversation -seriously when she is upset or crying, you can ask her what’s wrong, but if she don’t want to say or say “nothing” (even though you know it’s not true) or say “it’s hard to explain” (which probably is true) don’t presue it! Hold her in your arms and don’t say a thing or else just whisper “I love you” or something. If she starts to talk only then should you talk about it!

5) Fifth and most important tip . Never behave as you will leave her . Don’t show insecurity it will screw both of you. Girls love boys who make them feel special . . It’s Just like that be confident , respect her , avoid to say NO , Try to express your genuine feelings for her .Please don’t take these tips so hard as i have already said every girl is unique and every girl is special in her on way.

The answer is endless but my word limit is already 733 . so 😀

Sorry girls if you don’t like my post i am just trying to convey my message to boys . They really need help 😀 lollzz




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