Movie Review : Badmash company

8 05 2010

So here we go

Badma$h Company : Totaly paisa vasool movie . Watched it today 9:30 in the morning and find it worth waking up at 7 in the morning on second Saturday of the month .

Badmash Company set in the 90′s in Mumbai sorry “Bombay at that time”  showing life of 3 friends

Karan (Shahid) : Smart one

Zing (Meiyang Chаng) : Drunkard

Chandu (Vir Das): Ninfomaniac

Got the opportunity to go to Bangkok  for free (smugling) , in the flight to bangkok  they met Bulbul (Anushka) there forth partner and forth carrier . Fun fun and fun in Bangkok they came back to India . Karan seeing his family conditions and non so successful dad in his eyes decided to do some thing big . He started a business of his own, after trying brilliant business skills got huge profit but it was temporary but now Karan know’s that to make a business big you don’t need big money all u need is a big idea .

After clashing down of business by declined custom duty which was the only way of there profits they moved to America they played same kinda games there also . They made huge profits and gained huge success in few months, everything was going right  until Karan started feeling himself as the only maker of the huge business by this there were clashes within the partners which left Karan alone . Karan put behind bars for his illegal way of doing business. As expected he started realizing the wrong he did ,seeing his mama in trouble he reunite the friends and co.

After that “They did all wrong things the right way ” for up bringing of Karan’s mama business .In the end they all were there as partners in mama’s business .

In all you can see crazy comedy , Anushka Sharma in newly transformer character ,pools , parties ,casinos , limos ….. a movie for intelligent people not like nonsense 3 wife story of housefull

As i said movie was “paisa vasool” enjoyed alot.

My Rating – 3.5/5




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