Movie Review : Badmash company

8 05 2010

So here we go

Badma$h Company : Totaly paisa vasool movie . Watched it today 9:30 in the morning and find it worth waking up at 7 in the morning on second Saturday of the month .

Badmash Company set in the 90′s in Mumbai sorry “Bombay at that time”  showing life of 3 friends

Karan (Shahid) : Smart one

Zing (Meiyang Chаng) : Drunkard

Chandu (Vir Das): Ninfomaniac

Got the opportunity to go to Bangkok  for free (smugling) , in the flight to bangkok  they met Bulbul (Anushka) there forth partner and forth carrier . Fun fun and fun in Bangkok they came back to India . Karan seeing his family conditions and non so successful dad in his eyes decided to do some thing big . He started a business of his own, after trying brilliant business skills got huge profit but it was temporary but now Karan know’s that to make a business big you don’t need big money all u need is a big idea .

After clashing down of business by declined custom duty which was the only way of there profits they moved to America they played same kinda games there also . They made huge profits and gained huge success in few months, everything was going right  until Karan started feeling himself as the only maker of the huge business by this there were clashes within the partners which left Karan alone . Karan put behind bars for his illegal way of doing business. As expected he started realizing the wrong he did ,seeing his mama in trouble he reunite the friends and co.

After that “They did all wrong things the right way ” for up bringing of Karan’s mama business .In the end they all were there as partners in mama’s business .

In all you can see crazy comedy , Anushka Sharma in newly transformer character ,pools , parties ,casinos , limos ….. a movie for intelligent people not like nonsense 3 wife story of housefull

As i said movie was “paisa vasool” enjoyed alot.

My Rating – 3.5/5


What girls want ?

9 02 2010

This is an excellent and endless topic to post on .

If you are a boy , teenage , average or good looking or even you think you are ugly , intelligent or semi – intelligent and if you are mature enough to put your mind in girls . Then the first question which will arise in your mind is ..

What girls want ?

So after my such a long and deep  experience now i know 2.5%  answer of this huge question  . 😀

Girls and there types .

Open hearted girls : These girls are girls of this generation . They are open minded ,very friendly and trust me they are very very open minded . Guys enjoy company of these  girls mostly . Relationship and love is just like a pen for these girls (use and throw) . They feel bore very easily and don’t think before there act .

Conservative kinda girls: These girls are like furnitures of schools and colleges . Silence and shyness are there attributes. They don’t even think of boys before age of 18-20. They are very calm and gentle exactly opposite to girls mention above . These girls are very  hard to  understand like a mystery .

Intermediate girls semi open semi conservative : Girls in this category are very moody , short tempered , semi friendly , intelligent and so on .

Sorry i am nobody to tell the diversity in thinking of girls but i am just trying to help guys how to get girls and how to get there needs .

Every girl is unique. Some grow up in pink dresses. Some grow up in ratty jeans. Some love horses, some love nail polish. Remember not to generalize about what your girl will want. The true key to love is to get to know your girl, find out what she loves about life, and then meet her needs. That is the basis of love – to be the puzzle piece that fits into her unique personality.

These tips can help you get started – but they are not the answer to every single love issue. Your girl has spent many years forming her personality. It would be an insult to say you could decipher it all in a few minutes! Take the time to be with her and learn about her. That is what true love is all about.

Now if you are in a relationship and want some tips here they are :-

1) Be honest and confident , every girl wants a confident guy not a looser .

2) Don’t hide anything from her , if you have something that can create problem in future tell her now . Be positive .

3)Let her be friends with guys…especailly ones that are seriously in love with other girls. Okay yes, if you’re together some place and the girl get’s a text you should be able to read it (unless she says it has to do with a surprise for you) but like let them casually talk to guys. They’re not going to flirt and even if the guy does like her, if she’s worth you trying to understand what she wants, she would never consider cheating on you. So just chill. Ask if the three of you can hang out sometime or something. Only if the friendship between them get’s really secretive and private and exculsive should you worry. If your love is true you’ll be always with her.

4)Heart to heart conversation -seriously when she is upset or crying, you can ask her what’s wrong, but if she don’t want to say or say “nothing” (even though you know it’s not true) or say “it’s hard to explain” (which probably is true) don’t presue it! Hold her in your arms and don’t say a thing or else just whisper “I love you” or something. If she starts to talk only then should you talk about it!

5) Fifth and most important tip . Never behave as you will leave her . Don’t show insecurity it will screw both of you. Girls love boys who make them feel special . . It’s Just like that be confident , respect her , avoid to say NO , Try to express your genuine feelings for her .Please don’t take these tips so hard as i have already said every girl is unique and every girl is special in her on way.

The answer is endless but my word limit is already 733 . so 😀

Sorry girls if you don’t like my post i am just trying to convey my message to boys . They really need help 😀 lollzz

28 Jan !!!

28 01 2010

28 jan buddies !!
For a person, 28 of every month is just an ordinary date but for me every 28 of a month is very special .

Reason behind this is very confidential lollzz 😀

Today was my first board practical (maths) which i have done very well .
Tomorrow is my second board practical (IT)..

My fifth day of blogging and still i have got only 3 readers .

I know there is no good stuff here to read lollzzz 😀 but i like to do this so here
i am .

3 readers thanks to em’ i know they were here only for book review .

ahhhh !!!! i am pissed off now
Cant take it any more from now on i will post only on specific events .

I think it will be better for me as well as for me only as there are no readers.

ok bye then thats all for the day … see you soon . katcha

Happy Republic Day !!!

26 01 2010

Happy republic day to one and all.

Its 26th jan today india … blah blah !! shut

Moving on Today i gonna review a book .

So as you all know that i am just a teenager and a X grade student don’t expect a serious review .

First of all the author of this book is an Indian. After Chetan bhagat another shining star .

After reading this blasted novel . I find it worth the money i spent on it .

The book is like a true  reflection of life in these campuses same as what I have heard of these colleges. Much needs to be done if the authors really wanted to exploit and bring alive the class divides the cultural barriers and the basics gap in understanding of desires between sexes.After reading above lines don’t think this book is a geeky stuff . It’s full of fun i must say .

I must recommend this to all teenagers . The book is awesome for me . This book helped me a lot to understand the relationships in this generation . Moreover , this book is like a inspiration for me to be a blog writer .


By Durjoy Datta and Manvi Ahuja .

Srishti Publications.

231 pages

Rs 100 on stands (just like a pocket money for a III grade kid)

feeling very good after typing such a good review Fully satisfied with my post today .   😀

Very bad day

25 01 2010

ahh !! Very bad beginning of the day . Hurt by someone feeling very upset .

k leave it yar . Its part of  life . So moving on, second day of my blogging  i don’t know what to say what to post here but i don’t know why i like  to do this blogging stuff . I am a nobody , a commoner i know nobody gonna read this blog but i am doing it for my own it feels good , like a personal online diary personal until unless ….

So lets talk about me its my blog so what else do u expect ? 😀

Life these days is horrible even i don’t know the reason behind it . Life is like a turmoil . Stress , tension , studies and at last a Relationship which is like swing .

Don’t know how to make life stable and healthy . I think i should not think on this thing .

After studying Physics for 2 hours and drinking one cup of coffee i am feeling sleepy . Moreover, now i am not willing to write . My bed is waiting for me ..

I will fill the About section of this blog in couple of days .

katcha bye.

Me and me

24 01 2010

Sunday, january 24 , 2010

This is me lakshay….

My on net name is lucky diaz  …

Work : i am a student X class  studying for last X class boards by cbse …..

Hobbies : Changes with time to time . none specific . today blogging i think.

I have blogging experience of 2 years bt this time its different .

k thats all for the day . I will try to stay in touch with this blog .


24 01 2010

My first wordpress blog is on …