Very bad day

25 01 2010

ahh !! Very bad beginning of the day . Hurt by someone feeling very upset .

k leave it yar . Its part of  life . So moving on, second day of my blogging  i don’t know what to say what to post here but i don’t know why i like  to do this blogging stuff . I am a nobody , a commoner i know nobody gonna read this blog but i am doing it for my own it feels good , like a personal online diary personal until unless ….

So lets talk about me its my blog so what else do u expect ? 😀

Life these days is horrible even i don’t know the reason behind it . Life is like a turmoil . Stress , tension , studies and at last a Relationship which is like swing .

Don’t know how to make life stable and healthy . I think i should not think on this thing .

After studying Physics for 2 hours and drinking one cup of coffee i am feeling sleepy . Moreover, now i am not willing to write . My bed is waiting for me ..

I will fill the About section of this blog in couple of days .

katcha bye.


Me and me

24 01 2010

Sunday, january 24 , 2010

This is me lakshay….

My on net name is lucky diaz  …

Work : i am a student X class  studying for last X class boards by cbse …..

Hobbies : Changes with time to time . none specific . today blogging i think.

I have blogging experience of 2 years bt this time its different .

k thats all for the day . I will try to stay in touch with this blog .


24 01 2010

My first wordpress blog is on …